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We sell slides to both educational and commercial customers. Our prices are intended to be affordable, and we offer a significant price break for educational users. Our definition of educational user is broad and includes nonprofit organizations. We will work with photographers to determine the prices appropriate for their work.

Payments to photographers are made as a share of the income from the sale of their slides. is responsible for the development, hosting, and marketing of web pages as well as for online sales transactions. Scanning slides, developing and maintaining an inventory of reproduction grade duplicates, and fulfillment may be handled either by EcoSlides or by photographers. The photographer's share of the sales income varies as a function of the price assigned to the slides, of our assessment of their marketability and value, and of the specific tasks completed by EcoSlides and/or by the individual photographers.

A mutually acceptable means to use the original slides to make high quality duplicates and scans is required, but arrangements are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of photographers to safeguard their originals. Photographers are responsible for insuring any shipments. We assume no liability for loss or damage while slides are being duplicated or scanned, but when EcoSlides handles these functions, we use only top professional services that exercise great care in handling slides.

We respect the copyrights of photographers, and slides are carried by with the understanding that the person submitting them is the photographer who shot them, that he or she owns full rights to them, and that a written statement attesting to this will be produced as a part of any agreement.

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