Slide photography remains an important medium for visual communication in spite of the rapid improvement of digital technology. It provides outstanding resolution and color quality. In addition, images are available as slides that cannot be (or cannot easily be) recreated - of historic events and of remote, rare or difficult to capture scenes. And the millions of slide projectors in schools, colleges, training sites, and community facilities make slides an easy medium to utilize in education and training programs and community meetings.
How Works provides the highest reproduction grade duplicates of original slides for a variety of educational and commercial uses. Their quality makes them suitable for use as reproduction masters as well as for scanning and subsequent print media applications. Educational uses include schools, colleges and universities as well as training and professional education programs. Nonprofit organizations may also purchase slides at educational rates. Commercial uses include businesses, commercial publications, and government agencies.
Index Of Available Slides has a large and growing inventory of slides available covering a wide range of subjects related to creating a sustainable future. Our subjects include nature, society and technology, all types of environmental problems, and the many positive solutions that can contribute to making society more sustainable. We have just begun to post them for online presentation, and what is shown and/or described on will grow steadily in the coming months. So take a look here at what we have posted now, and come back in the future to see many more.
Shipping Options
U.S. orders will be sent by mail or priority mail. Customers selecting "media mail" for slide orders will have their orders sent by first class mail. They will generally arrive in 3-6 days. Priority mail costs slightly more and generally arrives in 2-3 days. Overnight service carries a minimum charge of $40. Customers desiring overnight service must contact us at for a price quote before placing their order.
International Orders
For international orders, please do not place an order until you have contacted us for information about shipping options and costs at
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Featured Subjects

Smart Growth & Attractive Density. Say "high-density development" and many people immediately think ugly thoughts. More and more examples exist of attractive density, and when trying to convince existing residents that supporting increases in density right next door can be a smart choice, a picture is often worth far more than a thousand words. Here are the first few of what will grow into a substantial collection of images to help make that case. View slides...
Residential Landscaping. Trees, bushes, flowers and other landscaping can add enormously to a neighborhood. They provide cooling on hot days, provide shelter and food for urban birds, animals and insects, encourage walking and biking by making the outdoor environment more enjoyable, beautify and soften the contours of higher density developments, and provide many other benefits. Here is a small beginning of a slide collection to illustrate these points. View slides...
Related Image Products Provides affordable images, sold individually, and suitable for online uses, multimedia products, presentations, and selected smaller color print applications. More... This domain provides all of our images in affordable and convenient CD format. Our Online Images collections are bundled into broad groupings by subject matter and priced at a discount. Our images are made available in very large high resolution TIF and JPG formats. And collections of digital photography are offered that depict nature subjects as well as environmental problems and solutions. More... Provides affordable royalty-free video stock footage collections. More than 1200 scenes covering all aspects of creating a sustainable future. More... Home | Available Slides | Sell Yours
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